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We encourage you to visit several groups if you wish, so that you may find a comfortable place to engage in transformational Bible study on Sunday mornings.  Age ranges are given but many groups feature adults of mixed ages. 

If you would like help getting connected with a group, contact Connie McNeill.



Study Groups


The Sticky Faith Guide For Your Family Trailer from Fuller Youth Institute on Vimeo.

The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family:  Over 100 Practical and Tested Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Kids | 8 Week Series
Leader: Jacque Stouffer | February 1 - March 22 | Social Room - West
Sundays 9:45-10:45 a.m.
Book Cost:  $11.00 | E-book Cost: 8.00 (Kindle version)

STICKY FAITH Nearly ½ of all young people raised in Christian families walk away from their faith after high school graduation.  The good news is, parents are one of the primary influences on their child’s faith.  Starting February 1, this class will spend eight weeks reading and discussing The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family – an easy-to-read and user-friendly book that equips parents with insights and ideas (more than 100!) for nurturing long-term faith in children and young people.  No matter how old your child is, there’s an idea in this book for you.  We hope you'll join us for the series.


LEADING TO EASTER: Searching the Soul | 7-Week Lenten Series
Leader: Jeff Langford | February 22 - April 5 | Social Room - East
Sundays 9:45-10:45 a.m.

The events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection were vitally important in the scope of human history, but they were also profoundly impacting for the human beings who experienced them. People like the disciples, Pontius Pilate, Mary, the soldiers guarding the tomb, and many more. Those events can still impact us today—if we let them. So join us for a time of searching the soul this Easter season.



Leaders | Steve Guinn, Hanni Guinn, Sara Langford
Room 505 

Perspectives is for learners open to exploring the range of Christian thought.  As a learning, collaborating community, we will seek to understand beliefs and practices as we grow in faith.  For this journey, our resources will include the Scriptures, writings of past and present thinkers, and our personal journeys.  Our journey will presume that we are always being formed as followers of Christ.  If this sounds like a learning community you wish to join, please journey with us on Sunday mornings. 

Open to All 

Leader | Bob Dusin
Room 413 

Bible study with a missions bent from the Common Lectionary and significant books that inform Christian faith such as: Same Kind of Different As Me and A New Kind of Christianity.


Leaders | Rolland Yoakum and Steve Hemphill
Room 415 

Conversations about Biblical application in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

The Potters Wheel 

Leaders | Amy Duncan and Carolyn Fulk
Room 611 

Our class name reflects our belief that we are all still in formation. We base our discussion and exploration on the texts appointed by the Christian Lectionary. The study is led by a monthly rotation of class members who facilitate learning through open participation. Our time together symbolizes the wheel, where God uses the study of his word to further shape and mold us. Once or twice each year we follow a special book or topical study. Most of our members are in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, but adults of any age are welcome. We are a warm and supportive group, and we also meet outside class a few times each year for social gatherings.

Foundational Doctrines 

Leader | Roger Driskill
Church Library 

This group study focuses on Biblical topics, themes, and specific scripture with an emphasis on personal ministry and missions.

Koinonia Class 

Leader | Greg Greason
Room 414 

The Koinonia Class is composed mostly of adults over 50.  The class period begins with announcements, sharing concerns, and prayer.  The Bible study, based on Smith and Helwys’ Formations curriculum, begins promptly at 10:00 a.m.  This study includes active participation of the class in discussion with the goal of deeper spiritual understanding and service to others.

The Lankford Class 

Leader | Tom Lankford
Room 411 

A verse by verse study of the Bible books in the context of the book being studied and the whole of sacred scripture, with an emphasis on distinguishing ontological and transformational concepts hidden in the apparent literary devices employed by the author and inspired by the Spirit. 

The Seekers Class 

Leader | Neita Geilker
Room 503 

The Seekers Class seeks to grow in understanding and applying scripture, increasing our outreach to others, and building community. We use the Baptists Today bible study material. Most of us are middle-aged couples and singles. We begin with the bible study material, including plenty of—sometimes vigorous—discussion. At 10:30, we begin a time of sharing. We enjoy a pot-luck social about once a month, usually after the Sunday service. You are welcome to attend a social to get acquainted and enjoy some wonderful food.

Milton Horne’s Class 

Leader | Milton Horne
Room 410 

This group consists of persons interested in Christian faith as it encounters contemporary culture. We read books on topics ranging from theology to economics, from comparative religion to science, with a view to processing such ideas through the eyes of informed faith. The class is discussion based and encourages thoughtful participation.

Truth Seekers 

Leaders | Vonda Gourley 
Room 303 

The Truth Seekers Class is made up of about a dozen Senior Ladies - 100 years old or less.  We use the Smith and Helwys’ Formation curriculum.  However we are happy to have questions, new ideas, and information any member may contribute.  Our chief concern is caring for each other but our projects reach our whole church and beyond.  We believe we are never too old to question, test, and analyze our faith.

The Tanner Class 

Leader | Blane Baker
Room 305-306 

The Tanner Class is an engaged group that enjoys discussion and dialogue. We use the Baptists Today material to provide background for each lesson. Conversations then emerge, and we generally explore how bible study impacts our daily lives. The group is composed mostly of retired persons. We have 2-3 social gatherings each year.

Men’s Bible Study

Leader | John Howell
Room 308 

Men’s Bible Study uses the Smith and Helwys’ Bible study material in a lecture style for men.