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The Next 175 Years by Jason Edwards


The Next 175 Years

176 Years ago, there was no Second Baptist Church in Liberty Missouri. 176 years ago, there was another Baptist Church of another name. 176 years ago, members of that other church decided to take a risk rooted in an overwhelming sense of holy unrest. 

The History of the Second Baptist Church, by R. P. Rider, A. M. Tutt, and H. I. Hester, states, “For several years there had existed in Liberty an anti-mission church.” [R. P. Rider, A. M. Tutt, and H. I. Hester, History of the Second Baptist Church, Liberty, Missouri (Liberty, MO: Second Baptist History Committee, 1968), 7.] ( In 1843 several of the members of the anti-mission Baptist church decided it was time to start a new church that would be committed first and foremost to missions. They named it The Second Baptist Church of Liberty, Missouri." [Rider, Tutt, and Hester, History, 7.]



Our commitment to missions was unusual in Missouri at the church’s inception. In 1843, according to Rider, Tutt, and Hester, the “anti-mission spirit in Northern Missouri was not only regnant but rampant, and the little church, almost from the beginning, had to fight for the maintenance of its principles." [Rider, Tutt, and Hester, History, 8.] The Baptist association was decidedly anti-mission, and therefore chose to exclude the new church (our church) from fellowship. However, despite denominational pressures to the contrary, the new renegade Baptist church with a commitment to missions would establish itself, grow and have an ever-growing impact around the world. 

The impact of Second Baptist Church on Liberty, Missouri, and around our world over the last 175 is remarkable. (Really! Just peruse one of our two 2BC history books.) 

It’s even more remarkable when you consider the residual impact of 2BC in contrast with that Baptist church from whence our people came 176 years ago. That church believed their primary purpose was to nurture themselves. Their focus, it seems, was almost entirely inward. 176 years later, Second Baptist Church is celebrating a robust history of missional impact. That other church? It no longer exists and hasn’t for quite some time. 

One church held to the status quo and focused on itself. Another church risked something new, turned their focus outward, and the rest—as they say—is rich, missional history. History still in the making.

On May 6, we will kick off our 175th Anniversary Celebration. Happy Anniversary! We do have much to celebrate. As we do, I hope we will both remember and embrace the values God used to shape the very best moments in our church’s history: Generosity, risk, openness, the willingness to try something new for the sake of serving someone other than ourselves, and, above all, a deep commitment to Jesus Christ and His mission in this world. This is the true missionary spirit of Second Baptist Church. Reject it, and we will eventually calcify. Embrace it, and the next 175 years will be even better than the last. 

Jason Edwards
Senior Pastor

Jason Edwards
Senior Pastor

Posted by Jason Edwards at Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Would Anyone Miss Us? by Charlie Hughes

As we look to the celebration of our 175th anniversary take a moment to reflect on our past and ask yourself the question, "If 2BC were not here, would anyone miss us?" 

Reflecting on only the last third of our history, in 1950 Dewey Hughes started going every Sunday to the Clay County Jail. For the next 40 years, he probably didn't miss 10 Sundays. Because of Dewey's passion, 2BC began providing funds to meet prisoner needs. 

Over 40 years ago Bill Riggs, visiting a shut-in, discovered there was nothing in her refrigerator. A group of 2BC ladies began cooking meals in the kitchen downstairs. This was the beginning of Meals on Wheels, and currently, Liberty Meals on Wheels serves 70 people a day. 

Over 25 years ago Dorothy McClain saw a mom using a grocery sack to diaper her infant and Dorothy began providing diapers for those in need. Dorothy and her husband Don began going to the day old bread store and taking bread that was being discarded to distribute at one of the low-income apartment complexes. A group of 2BC members began working with Don and Dorothy, and In As Much Ministry was born. 

Through dedicated and sacrificial giving, money was given to build the education building and chapel. This provided space for the start of LittleTots Preschool and now Second Friends. Second Friends meets the needs of dozens of families with preschoolers every year.

Over the years several renovations to the property have occurred as the needs of the church and community change. Community groups regularly use our facilities for gathering places and a place to launch their community service work.

Recently we had a Ministry Fair in the Social Room and were reminded of forty current ministry opportunities that are ours in 2018. These opportunities minister in our community close at hand and all around the world. 

Today, as we stand at the start of our next 175 years, we once again ask ourselves the question, "If 2BC were not here, would anyone miss us?"

at Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Dearest by Jennifer Mazi

those scars
a beautiful purpose
not to feed the 
part of
that wounds.
at Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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