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Thankful for the Church Family by Ryan Dickson

When our church gathers each week for Sunday services, Wednesday services, or other weekly meetings and events, each of us becomes a part of a bigger family on a mission to serve God and his purpose.  Within the 2BC church family, there are so many wonderful individuals and families that lead by example that all of us can rely on.  A successful, healthy church leads with love and grace, and individuals and families are the vessel from God to show loving and kind actions.

Another beauty of the church family is the different functions we perform within the church.  In Paul’s letter to the Romans (Chapter 12:4-5): “For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”  Each of us has special talents and gifts that we can share with one another.  Each of us can look to join different committees, find a niche within the church, and can help one another in different ways.  While each may function differently, this is all an integral part of a church family.

The church family may have different functions; we are all saved by faith alone!  The gospel is for all of us—as God doesn’t call the righteous—he redeems sinners.  God’s concern is the heart of each one of us.  The 2BC church family keeps God’s concern and demonstrates through actions and all that we do—and for that, we should be thankful!





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Lollipop Moments by Kim Halfhill

When Kaylee was four, we spent three days at Disney World with my in-laws.  We hit Magic Kingdom bright and early on the first morning.  While Patrick and his mom stopped for coffee, PawPaw (my father-in-law) offered to take Kaylee into a shop to just “look.”  It seemed harmless enough, so I waited outside on a bench admiring the Castle and soaking in all of the Disney goodness.  Less than five minutes later, Kaylee walked out of the shop wearing a sticky smile with PawPaw and a giant lollipop in tow.  While this treat was not my idea of a post-breakfast snack, I couldn’t rob Kaylee AND PawPaw of the delight they found in this lollipop moment.  For Kaylee, it was a wonderful, sugary surprise.  For PawPaw, it was a small act that brought immense joy to one of his favorite people. 

I am sure you can think of a few times in your life where you found yourself on the receiving end of an unexpected treat.  In fact, I bet that a few of those moments have happened at 2BC.  Maybe it was when you sat down to a home-cooked meal on a busy Wednesday night, or when you were greeted with a hot cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.  Was it the time you dropped off your kiddos for a much-needed parents’ night out?  All of these moments, and countless others happened because someone at Second used their gifts and talents to serve in ministry.  I am so grateful for all of the ways YOU create lollipop moments at 2BC and beyond with the generosity of your time and talents.  Together, we are getting stronger and building God’s dream.

You might remember Pastor Jason talking about lollipop moments in his sermon on the Parable of the Mustard Seed last year.  He reminded us that we each have the potential to change the world every day with seemingly small acts of service and encouragement.  And isn’t that how getting stronger usually works – with baby steps?  No one starts off running a marathon or climbing Everest.  Athletes become stronger little by little, with one small step after another.  As a church, we become stronger with each small commitment and each small act of service.  Together, we are building God’s dream.

That’s just what we are celebrating this month at Second!  Listen to the gratitude moments on Sunday morning for glimpses of ministries that might be unfamiliar to you.  Be thankful for the joy of serving and the joy of being served.   Then join us for the 3rd annual Ministry Fair in the Social Room on Sunday, January 28 (9:00-10 a.m. • 10:30-11 a.m. • 12-12:30 p.m).  We will celebrate God’s dream coming true through the ministries at 2BC.  You can learn about numerous ministries and identify opportunities to serve.  Plus, stop by the Team SERVE table to pick-up a lollipop and write a short note of gratitude to someone who has created a lollipop moment for you.  As always, we’ll be serving donuts and coffee.

Finally, are you ready to consider how God might use your gifts and skills to serve?  I invite you to take AssessMe.  AssessME is an online inventory of spiritual gifts, personality, and skills. Team SERVE, our equipping ministry, uses this tool to help individuals to belong, believe and especially to become all that God has planned for them.  The information is utilized to connect you with ministry opportunities that match your God-given gifts.  You can login AssessMe through the HUB or contact Kim Halfhill to get started.

Together, let’s grow stronger – one lollipop moment at a time! 










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Slowing Life to a Speed so that Your Living Will Matter by Connie McNeill

We all know that when it comes to living, there is no dress rehearsal. This is it, folks. One shot. Only one time through. The lights are on, and cameras are rolling.

I’m not taking a poll but have you dismissed the idea of being emotionally and spiritually healthy? Do you believe there is no relationship between the two? Or are you experiencing a deepening relationship with Christ and finding wellness in new ways?

There are many ways we can convince ourselves to steer clear of things that in our hearts we know would make us “better.” Most of us, with even minimal self-awareness, know where the cracks in our veneer go. They go to deep, deep places of brokenness inside us.

What is the business of slowing down? It is a core component of emotionally healthy spirituality. We slow down to take time to find thoughtful solutions to problems. Thoughtful solutions don’t cause greater problems than we started with! Slow wisdom is preferred.

We slow down to let Scripture take root in our spiritual hearts. This is a deep hearing of God’s word. Frankly, some of us have Scripture bouncing around in our brains but not shaping our hearts. We can have a tremendous amount of Scripture knowledge but be utterly unformed by it. Slow down for the rooting process.

We slow down to build genuine, authentic community. Relationships take many things including time. As Pete Scazzero says, “Listening deeply to another person, being present to them, and walking with them in different contexts takes time…a lot of time.” When the press of life seems to be demanding our every moment of time, slow down and find the renewal you so badly need by taking control of some of those moments and spend them in deep, rich relationships. You are racing to get too much done when the point is in living well.

This isn’t a New Year’s resolution. It’s a lifestyle commitment. To help us keep slowing down to live in ways that really matter, we need to build in some speed bumps. Everyone can do it differently but here are some ideas to place in your too-fast days: times of silence, solitude, Scripture meditation (not just reading), Daily Offices, Sabbath, a few minutes in nature, singing songs that have spiritual meaning, reflecting on an artwork.

Whatever you do, slow down and live so that your life really matters. Winning the speed-through-life race has no trophy or no winner. Any one of the pastors would be honored to have a conversation and walk with you as you get started with this new lifestyle. May your new year be a year of growing in living the slow.

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