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Category: Missions

Harvest Hill Community Garden Gratitude Moment by Sara Langford

Gratitude Moment by Sara Langford Some of my fondest childhood memories are of gardening with my dad.  I always remember him out in the yard trimming the shrubs, planting the annuals or the yearly vegetable garden—with me helping or at least trying to help.  I remember one year in particular when he tilled up a small square of dirt complete with a cute white wire fence surrounding it for a flower garden, for me.  The highlight of that experience was when my gladiolas... Read More
at Wednesday, April 5, 2017
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Preparing for Thailand Mission Trip

In November we made a significant commitment to Get Stronger by  strengthening our global presence. How will we do that? One way is by developing a Thailand/Myanmar ministry network to minister to immigrants and refugees here and in southeast Asia. This January we are taking the next step in this new mission commitment by sending 5 of our members and 2 William Jewell students to Thailand. Jason Edwards, Mike Lassiter, Blane Baker, Bill Gossett, Jeff Buscher, Christian Wyatt and Daniel... Read More
Posted by Jason Edwards at Thursday, January 5, 2017
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Update from India : Tuesday, April 22

We worked hard to stay awake all day yesterday and thus slept 10 hours last night hoping to defeat jetlag in one fell swoop.  I think we are on top of it.  Last night we spoke at one of three hostels owned by the CBCNEI (Council of Baptist Churches in North East India) and provided for rural students working on graduate degrees.  There were about 20 men present with several studying in medicine, business (called commerce here) and several in engineering.  The... Read More
Posted by Kelsey Adams at Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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