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The gifts he gave were that some would be gardners

We may be guilty of sometimes forgetting that this is God’s gathered community and its God’s Spirit that moves and works in each person here. For example, some people fretted when the Cain’s followed a calling to give leadership at Grace Baptist Church. Who would do our lawn!? To be sure, we knew we would miss them from this community for many reasons but this was something to which several persons gave voice. Of course, it didn’t take long after they left for the beautiful yard around our building to begin to look as shabby as someone needing a haircut (I looked in the mirror earlier today). Probably many people noticed the lawn but that Spirit moved and worked in Greg and Linda Greason to do something about it. They stepped up, waded and weeded their way in. We all, immediately noticed that God was at work in the lawn again! This time through servants we know and love as Greg and Linda. In my preparation for ministry, I heard more than once that if God needs a work done, someone is being called to do it. It makes sense because there is much to be done and a place for everyone to do what God has gifted him or her to do.

Submitted by Connie McNeill

Posted by Connie McNeill at 8:00 AM
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