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2017 Advent Devotional Preface by Sue Wright

Each year 2BC members submit writings to fill our Advent Devotional guide with inspiration and opportunity for us to practice the presence of God during this busy season. Beginning with the first Sunday of Advent, December 3, the guide can be read online on our blog, or a hard copy can be picked up at church. Sue Wright is our editor. Each year she writes the preface and an opening season story. Today we publish the preface on the blog, tomorrow the story and then the first devotional on Sunday, December 3.

Welcome to the pages of Second’s 2017 Advent Booklet. This year our devotionals begin on the first Sunday of Advent and conclude the first Sunday after Christmas which also happens to be New Year’s Eve. Guiding your reading and mine will be what has inspired our writers’ thoughts-- the Canticles of Christmas. A Canticle is a hymn, often of praise, using lyrics drawn from the Bible. Gabriel’s greeting to Mary in Luke 1:28 is a prime example, the familiar Ave Maria.

My thanks to the twenty-nine who will be sharing their insights and stories with us, from six-year-old Eleanor Guinn to those more seasoned in the process. Thank you, fellow editor, Janet Hill, for our booklet’s design and graphics and for choosing from the lectionary, the scriptures we will study these next few weeks. We appreciate everyone who has brought this booklet to us, especially our pastor, Jason Edwards, who so imaginatively determines each Advent Season’s theme.

Again, my contribution is a bit of fancy rooted in these words from a 16th-century folk song. “You fill my heart with music,” goes the carol, “O Christmas . . .”      

Sue Wright