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A Book and a Buck SEND Initiative Report

2BC collected Christian books and Bibles to help fill a developing seminary library abroad. The goal was to collect one ton of “church” books along with the money necessary to ship the books to the seminary. We worked with The Fellowship of Baptist Educators in North Carolina. The educators are one of the eighteen ministries of North Carolina Baptist Men. “As long as the purpose is to see souls saved & discipled, Books on Mission can be a powerful, worldwide tool.” (Ted Alexander)

Last week Mike Lassiter loaded the ton of books onto our trailer, and on Saturday morning Suzie Goertz and Karen Rogers left Liberty headed for North Carolina.









On Sunday, July 23, Karen and Suzie made it safely to the Shelby Mission Camp in North Carolina. They connected with some college students, who were there volunteering, for breakfast and help to unload! They also met Kay Grigg of The Fellowship of Baptist Educators who explained the sorting and packing process. Karen and Suzie then presented  2BC's check for $800 to Janet Brown of the Shelby Mission Camp and Kay. It costs about 40 cents a pound to ship materials in large containers. One ton of books would cost about $800 to ship.












Since 2013, we have had over 275 people engage in either a first time or a new mission experience. For the fourth year of the SEND Initiative, we want to continue to encourage anyone desiring to explore the power of missions in their faith journey. Whether you want to continue exploring missions or it is the first time you have tried an intentional missions experience, hopefully, one of the following opportunities will suit you. The purpose of the SEND Initiative is:

  • Sending people to people, not people to places

  • Experiencing missions as a pilgrim, not a tourist

  • Valuing people, valuing their story

  • Making space for God's transforming presence.

Transformation for yourself, those you meet, and the Second Baptist faith community.

You can get more information about the SEND Initiative and details about opportunities if you are interested in participating in a local, national trip like this one, or an international SEND Initiative here.

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