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A Community For Your Crisis

Diana Butler Bass says, “The issue is not whether you’re a liberal or a conservative denomination. That’s irrelevant. The issue is: Are you a congregation that provides a way of meaningful life for people to be able to navigate chaotic times and to be able to connect with God, to experience a new sense of the Spirit, to be able to love and be compassionate? That’s what makes religious communities vibrant, not whether they are liberal or conservative.” Baptist News Global, Bob Allen  |  June 27, 2017 | SBC decline dispels idea that only liberal denominations die

So in a genuine sense, we should ask ourselves, are we a community for your/my crisis? This will be an offensive concept to some. Much too transparent for others. For some, it is exactly what is needed.

Some time ago, I read a research report about why people return to church from an extended absence. The research found that people come back to church when a significant life event is disruptive to the extent that they feel the need to have help finding a center or becoming upright again.

Not all of those events are a crisis or bad. For example, people were found to return to church when they began having a family or moved to a new community for a new job. Of course, some events are harder. People returned to the church following a death or divorce or job loss.

The commonality is that we look for a community to connect to each other and something greater than our life situation—looking at church should lead to God. We need and search out a place that will love us and care for us. It’s more than a community for our crisis, but a crisis is often what makes us find the place.

Just be aware that everyone sitting around you on any given Sunday morning has a very personal reason to be here. Everyone needs to make a personal connection. Community sometimes means that we are the one to make the first connection. A genuine "how are you today?" may be just what someone near you needs.

Posted by Connie McNeill at 1:55 PM
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