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A Note from Pastor Jason February


Take the Initiative in 2017

It’s only month two of 2017 and our church already has many things for which to be excited. By now you know that your generosity sent us into this year with a significant budget surplus (wonderful!), but those paying close attention know that our Catalyst commitment was about far more than finances. We ended 2016 with a collective commitment to “Get Stronger” in the months to come and I imagine we will be experiencing the surplus of that commitment to God’s dream for years to come.

Early signs point to yes. We committed in November to develop a Thailand/Myanmar ministry network and we’ve already strengthened that commitment. Our 2BC/William Jewell Thailand team returned to Liberty only two weeks ago with greater awareness of how we can partner with the Upland Holistic Development Project and others in the network and with an ever deepening commitment to do it. New doors are already opening for us to strengthen our global missions presence in South East Asia and I’m looking forward to sharing more about developments with this partnership in the days ahead. I also continue to enthusiastically welcome and celebrate encouraging things that are happening much closer to home.

It seems we are entering into a season of renewed vitality as a congregation. Our pastoral staff has been encouraged by the number of new guests we’ve seen, even as we’ve noticed others of you engaging more deeply. Honestly, I’m not always sure why these splashes of renewal and vibrancy happen, but when we see them, it’s hard not to be encouraged and enthused. God is up to something in our midst.

Let’s lean into that. This month you’ll notice our series in worship is entitled “Take the Initiative.” The title is derived from that fact that we will spend three Sundays focusing on three ministry initiatives at 2BC we’ve adopted in recent years to help us live more deeply into our mission, namely: Hospitality, Equipping, and the Send Initiative. To be clear, these initiatives support our commitment to foster meaningful, Christ-centered community (Hospitality), whole-life faith (Equipping), and a transforming, missional presence (Send). Our hope is that each of us and all of us will consider taking these initiatives and making them our own.

Let’s do take the initiative. Let’s do get stronger together. Let’s do throw aside everything that hinders, fix our eyes on Jesus, and run the race He has marked out for us (Hebrews 12:3), so that we can fully participate in seeing all of God’s dreams for us come true.

With hope,



Senior Pastor


Posted by Jason Edwards at 2:01 PM