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A November Note from Pastor Jason

A Month of Thanksgiving

At some point this month, we’ll all be invited to engage in a cycle of well-being and transformation. Most likely, this will be initiated by a loved one. They’ll gaze across a table full of smoked bird, cranberries, and sweet potato casserole, and invite the grazing community to lower their voices and pay attention. Then they’ll ask you the all-important question: “What are you thankful for?” Your answer could spark a revolution.

Recent studies have shown that generosity and gratitude go hand in hand both at a psychological and neurobiological level. They are symbiotic. Together, small acts of generosity and gratitude kick-start a neurological feedback loop and an upward spiral of well-being. Simply put, speaking gratitude and sharing generously will enrich your life in tangible ways. Speaking gratitude and sharing generously will also enrich the lives of those around us.

With that in mind, may our entrance into November bring us all deeper into the cycle of generosity and gratitude. We have so much for which to celebrate. Specifically:

  • With Reformation Sunday fresh in our minds, we continue to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and all that has meant for our lives and this world. In what ways are you thankful for God’s ongoing work of reformation and renewal?
  • November marks the midpoint in our current Catalyst ministry plan, so we’ll spend time offering words of gratitude for the impact your generosity has made through the ministries of our church. And, as we look toward the future, there is much more to come. Would you prayerfully consider offering a Thanksgiving gift this month to the ministries of our church?
  • November 10-12 will be a weekend of celebration as we joyfully welcome the candidate our search committee is recommending as our next Associate Pastor of Worship and Music. I am thrilled by the work this committee has done and am so eager to experience what all their work, and what this candidate will mean for our future together. This weekend is so much more than question and answer sessions; it is an important step toward us realizing a more vibrant future in service to God and others. Will you plan to participate in the celebration?

These are just a few prompting opportunities for you to practice generosity, gratitude, and celebration in the month ahead. How else might God bring well-being and transformation into our world through our generosity? How might your acts of generosity this month serve as catalysts for God’s dreams to come true here and around our world now and for years to come?

May God show us all as we move through this month of Thanksgiving…

With Gratitude,
Jason Edwards
Senior Pastor


Posted by Jason Edwards at 1:09 PM