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Ambassadors from 2BC to Other Faith Communities

Invitation from Ed Chasteen
To all members and Friends of 2BC

The Greater Liberty Experience

I have talked about this project with Jason and Connie at 2BC and with all the faith communities in the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council. All have given their blessing. We are calling this The Greater Liberty Experience. We all have greater liberty than we know to live above and beyond the names other people apply to us, and we uncritically accept.

Until we get to know one another, who's right is the wrong question. This conviction has been our guiding light, to make friends across faith lines our sole/soul agenda. Our motto is:

Red and Yellow, Black, Brown, and White

Christian, Buddhist, and Jew

Hindu, Baha’i, and Muslim, too

All are precious in our sight*

None of us chose our parents or our place of birth, but these two conditions over which we have no control, determine almost everything that follows. To gain some small insight into another life that might have been ours, I seek ten members of Second Baptist and ten members of other faiths who live nearby. I will pair each of the ten 2BCers with a member of another faith. I will give both members of the pair seven sets of questions and ask you to hold seven on line conversations using these questions. I ask you to make notes of your weekly conversation, and when complete, write the life story of your partner. I ask you to write the story in the first person: "My name is…" Then send the story to your partner for additions, corrections, and approval. Then send the story to me.

By doing this, you will have the perspective of someone of another faith. You will have found a new friend. Your faith will have grown, and maybe when tensions arise between faiths, the friendship you've formed may buoy us over troubled waters.

I need you to be one of the ten members of Second Baptist. Please let me pair you with someone of another faith.

Our 14 week fall semester begins the day after Labor Day, Tuesday, September 5, 2017, and ends Tuesday, December 12, 2017.  Spring semester begins Tuesday, January 9, 2018, and ends Tuesday, April 17.

On a Tuesday evening following the end of each semester, we will hold a Human Family Reunion at William Jewell College. At this reunion, we will recognize those, who by serving as pairs and writing the story of their paired one has become a World Class Person, able to go anyplace at any time and talk to anyone about anything and feel safe.

*Faiths not mentioned by name are also included. Words modified from “Jesus Loves the Little Children” words by C. Herbert Woolston, music by George F. Root.