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Are You a Hall of Famer? by Larry Gregory

Are you in a Hall of Fame?  Maybe you are, and you don't know it. I make them up in my world, and one of them is the 2BC Custodial Hall of Fame. During my years at Second Baptist, there have been many individuals work the Custodian position, but only the select few make it to the 2BC Custodial Hall of Fame. 

One of the members is Don Reed. Don was in this post when Ellen and I came to Second Baptist. Don was the greatest!  He was everything to everybody, and he did well at it. Another person in my 2BC Custodial Hall of Fame is Billy Alspaugh. I never met Billy, but I have heard many stories that were all good. I know he was loved by the congregation, so I am sure he is a 2BC Custodial Hall of Fame member.

As with any Hall of Fame, one does not get inducted easily. There is usually at least a five-year block of time for one to become eligible. Jerry Springs is certainly a nominee, but it is a little early to induct him. Jerry brought the Custodial position to a new level after Don. Jerry, like the other two, was certainly loved by the congregation and I see him with his name on the wall one day in the future.

Have you met Ken Slater?  Ken is the new guy on this block of God's Green Earth. He brings experience with him and a fresh outlook. Ken is doing a great job, and I look forward to the day when each member of the congregation loves him just like the others. When you see Ken, welcome him to the church, and we'll see together how far Ken takes this position to the next level.

Submitted by Larry Gregory