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Birthdays Can Be Great by Harold Phillips

When Gwen achieved a significant birthday, 50+ friends gathered at McBowl for a loud, fun night of bowling, greasy hamburgers, and to write greetings on a scuffed up bowling pin. There were laughs, hugs and warm thoughts from friends and family. For Gwen, it was also a time to consider the second half.

Birthdays can be great!

2018 marks the 175th anniversary of a church started in conflict within a young frontier town. To celebrate, our church will have a number of activities between the 175 days (* fake fact) of May 6 and November 11.

Please note these special dates on your family calendar:

May 6 -- Celebrating Our Heritage: 175 years of faith and ministry
     11 am Worship and a 12:30 celebration meal (details coming very soon)

September 9  -- Serving God’s World: The church has left the building
     Worship and Serve opportunities throughout the Liberty community ending with a cookout (Stocksdale Park)

November -- 11  Gathering Together: A Christ-Centered community
     Worship in the morning and an evening Thanksgiving Meal (Heritage Hall)

Intertwined will be an array of activities ranging from Chapel renovation, a public art unveiling and a commemorative Anniversary Book, to stories of Stalwart Saints who journeyed before us and We Are Second testimonies from those among us now.

Looking forward to May 6.  Birthdays can be great!

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