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Called to Share Hospitality by Ryan Dickson











In Paul’s letter to the Romans (chapter 12), he wrote about love in action.  A part of showing love is practicing hospitality. In Romans 12:13, he urged the Romans, “share with the Lord’s people who are in need.  Practice hospitality.”

The Hospitality Ministry coordinates key church-wide fellowship receptions and special events. 
Church-wide events are a unique time for members to come together and share in celebrations.  Church events are a way of sharing with the Lord’s people, as Paul wrote to the Romans.  Whether it’s an anniversary celebration or food-truck days, events that the committee coordinates brings a sense of community within the church outside of the regular church services that the congregation takes part in every Sunday.

The ministry serves guests and new members by providing a level of comfort in what can be an unfamiliar place for some.  Speaking as a new member, I appreciated the events as a way to meet new people and families at 2BC.  The need to provide comfort and love to anyone — whether the person is a guest, new member, or a member that has been a part of the church for many years — is precisely what Paul urged in his letter to the Romans.  Catering to the needs of others can create the feeling of love shared among everyone involved.

The Hospitality Ministry at 2BC performs an important function of the church and serving its members and guests.  It acts as an open door to all of those that attend church and various functions throughout the year.  Those on the committee are a smiling face, a warm embrace, or whatever is needed on a given day.  Thank you to those who serve on the committee and help provide the fellowship that God wants for a church family.

Submitted by Ryan Dickson

If you are interested in joining the Hospitality Team, please contact Kim Halfhill, head of our equipping ministry.

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