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Celebrating Our Past, Our Present, and Our Future by Kristin Wooldridge

During service on Sunday, we all watched the video update on the good things that our Catalyst work can accomplish. 

As I sat with my family, I found myself drawn to the photos as the members shared their stories about what has been happening this past year. Those stories are what make Second a special place. Everything we do has a story that draws from our past or propels us to our future. But the pictures often made me think of all the dear people that gather at Second. Folks that are at the church 24/7 to those who have found a niche that fits just them and their giftedness. Those pictures of serving, caring and worshipping points to who we are as a community. I am so thankful for our community sharing a vision together that serves close to home and globally. The way we see folks is important and I feel that is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and always. I hope we never lose sight to the expression of love that Jesus shared for all of us. That love is the vision that we share, and our stories show it. 

If you missed the video on Sunday, you can watch it on Youtube. It's a long video. About 28 minutes in length, so grab a copy of coffee and enjoy.

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