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Coffee with the Pastor, Helping Others Belong by Becky Gossett

I'm one of the fortunate ones; I haven't "church shopped" for about 30 years. Second Baptist is only the third church I've ever called "My Church."  Because I've helped host our Coffee with the Pastor, many times over the past several years, I've learned that those who are in the market for a new church bring a variety of thoughts, feelings, and expectations to the process.

Several times each year the hospitality team hosts Coffee with the Pastor. It is a special time for those who are visiting Second Baptist to sit with Pastor Jason in a comfortable atmosphere and learn more about our church.  Visitors can ask important questions and share their stories. 

Sometimes the discussions involve interesting perspectives on theology. Other times, the discussions are about the church's history or purpose. Almost always, the discussions involve the stories that lead people to look for a new church home... and I am grateful to hear these stories. 

Some people have relocated to our area and happened upon our church, but there are also people who bring pain or frustration with previous church life. Some haven't been part of a church in the past and have hesitations about joining us. And then there are the best stories about the ways many of our guests have begun to make connections as they get better acquainted with our very special church family. 

Often, Second becomes a place of healing and community for these wonderful new friends. Jason and I hear about such simple ways our church family helps bring visitors into our life together...through a genuine smile, a warm touch, a listening ear. 

I'm happy that I don't have any plans to "church shop." Through Coffee with the Pastor, many visitors can come closer to ending their church shopping and finding their new home. 


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