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Deacon Candidate Faith Story--Karen Rogers

Deacon Ordination

Friday, February 3 | 7:00 p.m. | Sanctuary

This week the 2BC Blog will have the faith stories of the three individuals who are candidates for ordination as Deacons. Take a moment to read the blog and get to know these servants of our church in a deeper way.

Karen Rogers

Do you have a favorite type of vacation travel? I do. It is a camping road trip. I think my folks planted love of nature in my DNA. All my life, few experiences have refreshed and inspired me more than getting up close and personal with God’s good earth. I love the desert, the mountains, the prairies, the coastlines – I love it all. And the farther I remove myself from cities and crowds and noise, the happier and more responsive I seem to be.

One tool which has made nature even more accessible and enjoyable for me is the GPS – this Global Positioning System. I bought this second-hand one on-line about 12 years ago. Having the GPS to plug into my car’s lighter makes me feel free as a bird. I can point my car in any direction that beckons, wander until I give out, and then just hit “home”. This jewel of a GPS takes me right back to wherever I tell it I want to roost for the night.

A few years ago, a friend from India was with me on a road trip when she first noticed how much I use the GPS. As I turned off the car’s engine at a rest stop, the normal message popped up saying “External power lost”. It was just a reminder that the maps would be disappearing until the car was turned on again. My friend, however, only got a quick look at the message on the screen and was alarmed. “Oh no! Eternal power has been lost!” She believed the GPS had somehow died a sudden death and would no longer be available as our companion and guide.

Later, I reflected on how my relationship to this GPS reminds me of my faith story. My childhood plug-in to security and guidance was a caring, disciplined family. Our parents made sure we four children showed up on time where we were supposed to be, prepared and with appropriate attitudes. That included regular attendance at Spring Valley Baptist Church in Raytown, where the pews are still filled with gracious people who love the Lord. I was 9 years old when I took that step forward to say I wanted to be a Christ-follower and I was baptized in that church.

During my teens, connections for my spiritual GPS broadened to include sources other than my parents. Increasingly, I learned to listen to the voices of other adults, peers, and media. And as I grew in faith, I became more connected with that external power, the eternal power accessible through prayer, scripture and communion with the saints.

Other than childhood, the most formative years of my life were when I moved away from home for college and career. In unfamiliar environments, I was introduced to a broader frame of reference for my life experiences. I was privileged to see how God was at work in ways I hadn’t considered and I began to rely more fully on a different version of GPS, God’s Positioning System.

A desire to see the world as an integrated whole, all created by God and populated by people created in God’s image, that desire continues to direct my journeys. It is my prayer that I will always seek to understand how God is working in the world and how God wants to create a servant’s heart in me. I pray I’ll be sensitive to the fact that turning off my connection to God, even for a moment, is like unplugging myself from the external power source, the eternal power that God is always there offering if I’ll only stay plugged in. God is ever ready but waits on me to take the initiative to plug in or hit the “home” button when I am ready and willing to be lead and to do the work of Christmas.

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