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December Monthly Newsletter by Jason Edwards

"City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style..."

"JASON!" My cousin exclaimed, red-faced from embarrassment, "STOP BEING OBNOXIOUS!"

She was right. We were in the middle of the mall in Texarkana, TX, I was singing Christmas carols at the top of my range with intent to embarrass, and I'm not sure it was even Christmas. I was being obnoxious.

My wife might argue that I'm still a bit obnoxious when it comes to Christmas carols. I don't sing with intent to embarrass anymore, but I do sing them around the house, often out of season. The Christmas season has always held special joy for me, and somehow, whether I recall them in December or June, carols kindle that.

I’m not alone in this. Certain seasonal songs have long possessed an ability to capture the Advent and Christmas essence.  We experience this each Sunday in December as we join our voices to offer hymns to God. And we will experience this each Sunday in December this year as we reflect together on the first songs of the season, the Canticles of Christmas, which are embedded in the Gospel story.

Wikipedia defines a Canticle as “a hymn, psalm or other songs of praise taken from biblical or holy texts other than the Psalms.” This year we will look at five Christmas canticles, beginning with the more modern Ave Maria, inspired by two verses in Luke’s gospel; followed by four Christmas Canticles whose total text can be found in the stories of Luke 1 and 2, namely: The Magnificat, The Benedictus, Gloria in Excelsis Deo, and Nunc Dimittis. We’ll study, hear and sing these songs as a way of once again entering into this story ourselves, hopefully kindling the real spirit of the season in us and others as we do.

I hope you and your family will plan to join us for every single singing opportunity during this sacred season.

With Advent expectation,

Jason Edwards, Senior Pastor


Posted by Jason Edwards at 1:41 PM
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