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Evensong "Sola" A Lent Worship Experience

Wednesdays March 8 - 29 | 6:30 | Social Room

Five hundred years ago, a movement of people began to question what their church taught and as a result, they developed the tenets of what became known as The Reformation. When you look at the tenets, you easily see the influence on Baptists as well as many other Protestant traditions. During Evensong, we will reflect on a different tenet each of the five evenings. These ancient teachings that still hold value for us today: Sola Scriptura. . .Sola Gratia. . .Sola Fide. . .Sola Christus. . .Soli Deo Gloria (Scripture alone. . . grace alone. . .faith alone. . .Christ alone, , ,to God alone be the glory). While Sunday morning Lenten focus will be on the collective Together We Believe, during Evensong we will look at these singular, powerful tenets of historical Christian tradition.



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