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Finding One's Adult Faith by Connie McNeill

What do I believe? I don’t feel like I can really know anything for certain, can I? Don’t I have to be able to see and touch to know something is real? Maybe. Maybe not.

We can all think of things we cannot see or touch, but we absolutely believe them to be real. For example, many emotions come to mind. Dwelling on emotions can cause us to change our demeanor, raise our blood pressure, make our eyes moist, or curve our lips into a smile.

What about what I believe about God? About the church? About the Bible? These are all part of deciding what I believe but how do I know, really know, what I believe.

It’s not complicated. How you act is what you actually believe about God, the church, and what your bible says. Sometimes we say there is a separation of belief and action, but I don’t think so. What we believe, is how we act. How we act, is a true reflection of what we believe.

If there’s a problem with the variance between how we act and what we believe, it could be because we don’t know God well enough, or know enough about God’s community called the church, or read much less study scripture enough. And it can be that we are living a childhood, parents-passed-it-on kind of spiritual faith in our adult bodies.

It’s not complicated. But it must be our own to bring meaning to our adult lives and to transform our adult actions.

Posted by Connie McNeill at 1:17 PM
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