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Finding Second Again by Kristin Wooldridge

While I was at Jewell in the 90's, Second was a formal place for me. I celebrated Opening Convocation at the start of my first year, and I closed my four years with Baccalaureate. Pomp and circumstance. The works. The alpha and the omega of my Jewell experience. (Amon's too) After graduation, Amon and I lived down in the Prairie Village area. We created a new life together focused on our careers and the church we found down there. Then came Ian in 2002 and a multitude of changes. Amon was traveling weekly, and I wanted to be closer to my folks as a stay at home mom who had left her career to create some kind of balance for the new crazy life we were living. Moving to Liberty was something we thought we would never do when we graduated Jewell in 1998. But it was "home" again, and I was invited to MOPS@2BC in 2003. I attended meetings, met new friends and was amazed to be in a different kind of environment at Second. What I knew of the pomp and circumstance was nothing I found in MOPS@2BC. I was shown warmth, inclusion, and friendship. Immediately, new friends felt like ones I had known for years. By 2005, a new Coordinator was needed, and I felt the warmth I had found could include more women and children. 

By 2009, this, of course, meant a growing need for child caregivers to love on the children coming to MOPS@2BC. It was a hot August Sunday morning when Kaylee, 4 and I attended Second for the first time and sat with Carroll Makemson in the balcony to hear Pastor Jason share the need for volunteers. I figured if he was going to make a plea, the least I could do was show up and support him. During the service, I felt a little tap on my elbow from a little Kaylee-girl. I leaned down to hear her, and she said, "Mama, I didn't know they did Big Church here too. I thought they only had MOPS Church. I love it here." I looked at her sweet face and felt we were home. From the sermons, to the friends who embraced us, and the activities for all of our family, we have continued to make our home be at Second since that hot Sunday morning in August. Our lives sure have changed over the past 8+ years, but having a faith home where we are rooted keeps us steady. Thank you to everyone who has made Second home for our family. 

Mops Group Today

Mops@2BC meets at 9:30 on the second Friday of the month. Interested in joining? Email us today.


MOPS@2BC is bringing back MOPS At Night!  If you or a friend is interested in joining a MOPS group that meets in the evenings, please email us at MOPS is open to all moms with kids ages 0 through kindergarten. We will be getting a small group together to talk about details and would love your input!


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