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Global 6K For Clean Water


May 6 | English Landing Park

Michelle Prindle shares why she is choosing to be involved in this service project during the Strengthening Our Serve anniversary celebration in May.


I never thought I would be able to enjoy running again until I was introduced to TeanWorld Vision (TWV)  at Second Baptist Church. Running has been part of my life since I was sixteen. Unfortunately, in 2005 I took my love for running to a dark place when my mother became ill. For five years I used running to isolate myself. I used my "training" to be angry at myself, God, and try to figure out as a healthcare professional how I should be able to prevent my mother from dying.  I became very selfish with my running. In 2010 my mother succumbed to her illness and I stopped running.  

In 2015, I decided it was time to return to running. I was uncertain how to do this until I was introduced to TWV. I was impressed by their mission to bring clean water to children in Africa. I wanted my training to be about something bigger than myself and use my energy for reasons other than myself. Instead of using my training time to think about all my shortcomings, I think about how my efforts are helping a child have clean water. This is why I am so glad to be part of Second Baptist Church, we have so many opportunities to serve others. I encourage you to join Second Baptist during the our 174th Anniversary weekend on May 6th for 6K for water. The 6k distance is  significant because this is the usual distance a child will travel for water. Your entry fee of $50 is the amount that will bring clean water to a child. Join me and others as we help make sure a child will not have to go the 6k distance for dirty water. 

Interested in joining the 2BC team? Here’s a new discount code! TWV is pumped to announce that registrations entered before midnight May 1 can get a discount on the fee. Any adult registration (15 years and up) will get $10 off registration by using the code: “forthekids.” Follow this link to the TWV registration for this run. Please sign up on the Hub as well and let us know you’ll be joining the team!