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Gratitude Moment--Charlie Hughes

Gratitude Moment--Preschool's Ministry
by Charlie Hughes

More than two decades ao, Loretta and I started teaching together in the preschool Sunday School here at Second Baptist. Prior to that Loretta had taught in the Children's Department. Then Loreta Moore invited and encouraged Loretta to co-teach with her in the preschool, an area where Loretta had no previous experience. We both are forever grateful to Loreta for this introduction to the precious, energetic and unpredictable world of preschoolers. Mrs. Moore is the one who started Tiny Tots and taught generations of youngsters here at Second.

When I joined Loretta we would teach 3 year olds turning four and then loop with them the next year to the Pre-K class. Being with them for two years allowed us to connect with both the children and their parents. It was also a joy and blessing to see their physical and spiritual development. We would take a year off, go to grown-up Sunday School for a year and return to Preschool for another rotation.

this has been a wonderful fulfilling experience for the both of us. It has given us the opportunity to get to know young families in our church. Not just know they go to our church, or just saying "hi," but knowing them and establishing relationships. We are able to affirm children, provide them with healthy adult relationships, watch them grow and develop, and most important introduce them to the basics and fundamentals of our Christian faith by teaching the stories of the Bible. It is fun to be with them. An unexpected blessing, during the summer of 2016, we attend two weddings of our prior three year olds.

Our church provides an excellent curriculum, with the Bible story and a number of activities to choose from each week. It is very teacher friendly. You don't have to have an education background to be a good Sunday School teacher. Almost every resource we have ever needed for an activity has been in the well stocked resource center.

If you believe being a preschool Sunday School teacher is outside your comfort zone, consider joining us as a helper on a Sunday or being an extended session helper during the 11:00 worship hour.

Other opportunities during 2017 in which you might take the initiative to become engaged and serve in the preschool and children's programs include;

  • Donating treats for events.
  • Working in Vacation Bible School from teaching a small group, to decorating, to behind the scenes stuff.
  • Volunteering for childcare during MOPS meetings.
  • Leading a small group for the Master Piece Arts Camp.
  • Helping prepare for children's events by cutting out patterns, stuffing bags, stapling, etc.
  • Being willing to sit with a child during worshipif a parent has a responsibility somewhere else or just needs a break.
  • Praying specifically for the children in our church by name.

As you can see there are opportunities for service no matter what your skill or talent. Gwen will be waiting to here from you soon--so email her now!

Come join us! You'll be glad you did!

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