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Happy Birthday to the Wicks/Miller/Quimby Pipe Organ at Second Baptist by Ann Posey

The Wicks pipe organ at Second Baptist was originally dedicated on Tuesday, March 6, 1928, 7 PM.  To celebrate it's 90th birthday we will have another recital on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - complete with cupcakes!  

There have been many changes over the year to make the instrument more versatile.  In 1980, a small bequest allowed the addition of 11 ranks (sets of pipes) which offered more tone colors and a new console.  Another generous bequest by the Hoech family added the trumpet en chamade to the echo organ along with more ranks in the main organ.

The program on March 6, 2018,7 PM, will be planned around the liturgical year starting with Advent and moving through Reformation.  There will be two pieces from the original dedicatory recital.  Some pieces you may have heard in worship, some will be familiar and some will be new.  We will have some congregational hymns. There will be a surprise piece at the end—and then cupcakes, of course!

Soli Deo Gloria