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Hindu and Baptist : Together for a Common Purpose

Hindu and Baptist : Together for a Common Purpose

Saturday, May 16, 2015

by Krishna Acharya and Ed Chasteen

Thirteen of us gather at a round table at 10 a.m. Saturday morning, May 16, our meeting arranged and called to order by Venkatesh Gopal, President of the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center where we all have come this morning, some from the local Nepalese community, some from the Temple and some from Second Baptist Church in Liberty, all here to find how we might work together to help victims of the earthquakes in Nepal.

As Ambassador from Second Baptist Church to Other Communities of Faith, I called Venkatesh on May 5 and told him our church would like to help. The Temple had a few days earlier been a meeting place for the Nepalese community and will be again on May 30. The majority faith in Nepal is Hindu, making the Hindu Temple the focal point for all local efforts to help. Venkatesh asks me to explain the purpose of our meeting. Here is what I said:

“Anyone whose need we know is our neighbor. Their need binds us no matter where in the world we live or what faith we follow. So this morning we have come from Second Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri to the Hindu Temple in Shawnee, Kansas, a distance of just under 30 miles so together we might help our neighbors in Nepal whose homes and businesses have been destroyed, and, in the process of helping, create bonds between our faith comunities here.”

The following good summary of our meeting is made by Krishna Acharya, President, Everest Outreach USA:

Present: Venkatesh Gopal, Ron Whited, Rajanessh Tiwari, Amar Bajracharya, Amod Koirala, Krishna Acharya, Anita Paudel, Debabrata Bhaduri, Lizzy Soper, Loulla Efstathiou, Arvind Khetia, Ed Chasteen, Anand Bhattacharya.

Amar and Amod from the local Nepalese community reported raising money for the earthquake victims in Nepal and donating money to Heart-to-Heart. They also work with another organization called "American Nepalese Doctors Association" to help victims with medical need.

Krishna Acharya, president/founder of Everest Outreach(EO) USA, talked about the relief package sent to the a village (Ghyachowk) in Gorkha District in Nepal. EO Nepal team went to the ground and worked with local government to distribute food to the needy people directly. He mentioned that 100% of the donation went to serve victims. Any donation made to EO will be tax deductible. Next immediate needs of that village are going to be toilet and temporary home.

Venkatesh, president of the temple, talked about joining hands with regional associations. The Temple is hosting an Indo-Nepalese Music and Dance Event dedicated to the earthquake survivors to take place on Saturday, May 30th. Click here to read about the event and how you can donate on Facebook. 

Helping victims in Nepal through "Ramakrishna Mission" was also brought up in the meeting. There are Ramakrishna foundations in CA, St. Louis, Chicago etc. Deb (who sat right to me) will get more information about their work.

Everest Outreach USA and Nepalese community of Kansas City will work together to figure out how to get the money raised on May 30 directly and totally to those who need it in Nepal.

Posted by Nicole Swanson at 10:55 AM
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