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How to Keep Church Meaningful by Connie McNeill

Confession time: most of my early adult life I struggled to keep church meaningful to me. I’m not suggesting that I ever thought it was all about me or it was the church’s responsibility to keep me engaged. And, occasionally, I can lapse into questioning relevancy again.

Usually, I kept attending--for the majority of the time. I often taught or led some group that required my engagement. I am the oldest child, so I was dutiful. My close friends have always known about it, but it was never obvious to others.

Many times my thoughts and heart wrestled with the things about church that made it both more and less meaningful. Reading church history can frustrate me. Reading about religious wars fought in the name of the Christian faith really disturbs me. Wishing the church would be bolder on issues of injustice and faster to respond to opportunities to bring healing to such a hurting world just confuses me.

My commitment is to Christ. My commitment is to this relationship. It helps me to find the church more meaningful the better I understand what we are trying to do and be. Being with so many of you helps make the church more meaningful. Watching many of you model what it means to be like Christ is meaningful to me, and that often happens here at church.

Knowing that “to date,” Christ has not given us another plan than his church. Until then, I will keep working out ways to find the church meaningful. And, if the Spirit will patiently keep at work in me, maybe help the church be more meaningful not just to me but to this world.

Posted by Connie McNeill at 10:34 AM