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I Will Sing Forever Children's Ministry

August 20th is the beginning of a new year in Bible Study for our preschoolers and children. Our theme this year will be “I Will Sing Forever!”  We learned a song during Vacation Bible School that said it beautifully:  “I will sing forever of your love come down; with my hands to heaven, sing your praises loud.”

Our key Bible verse for the year is Psalm 150:6, “Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord.”  


The pre-kindergartners through fifth grade will move to their next age class on August 20, 2017. Kindergartners through fifth grade will go to their new class for the start of Bible Study then gather in the chapel later in the morning, with their classes, to kick off the new year. You will pick-up your children from their new classroom, not the chapel. Now is a perfect time to begin a habit of being in Bible Study each week at 9:45. One of the goals we strive for at Second is helping our children to become intentional Christ-followers and growing in Christ-likeness. What better place to learn than in this Christ-centered community!

We will be presenting Bibles to first graders during the worship service. This is a significant milestone in early childhood, and we recognize these children in their growth in "wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man" (Luke 2:52).

Elizabeth Dilts Archer George Kerrien LeDean
Lucy Dolton Eleanor Guinn Henry Lewis
Lillian Ferguson Zane Hilton Zooey Rhoades
Lily Garnet Jillian Jameson Finn Smith
Landon Gallimore Lexie Jones  

The regular Wednesday schedule will begin on August 23. Missions education is for Pre-K through Grade Five, and classes start at 6:30. Missions education includes the active care for others and Jesus’ example of humbly serving those around us. The kids engage in hands-on activities, learn about the Biblical foundation for missions, and enjoy fellowship with one another.

The first fall unit is entitled, "Giving Hope to Refugees," an important lesson for our children in today's world. Check the web page for class rooms and times.


Friends, it’s so precious to see all ages interacting here in this fellowship together:  Harvey Seely giving out tootsie rolls to the Bartlow clan, Brenda Lazenby snuggling with baby Clark Lassiter, Bill Riggs hugging on Davis Fulk. Now that’s what community is all about! 

You have the opportunity to be involved in similar ways. Our 11:00 worship time is in DIRE need of childcare volunteers. We are beginning to see the same people volunteering just because they feel bad when there is no one signed up!  If every able adult  volunteered one time each year, we would have more than enough help! 

So!  Look at your calendar, find a Sunday that fits for you. Choose whether you will be with babies, toddlers and twos, Pre-K, or wherever needed. Contact Gwen Phillips.

You won’t be sorry!

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