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Merry Christmas by Eleanor Guinn

An Advent Devotion
The Canticles of Christmas
Week Four: Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Christmas Eve
Sunday, December 24

Luke 2:1-14

Luke 2:1-14 made me feel happy and kind of tired. It made me happy because most of what I was reading was happy. Mary is going to have a baby! The text made me tired because some of the verses happened at night. The verses that happened at night were verses 6-14. I usually do not feel tired when I read a story that takes place at night, but this time I did. When Mary was expecting a baby, it reminded me of when my sister, Mim, was born. When Mim was born, I was happy and excited. I was excited because I wanted to see Mim so badly. I was happy because I had always wanted a sister or brother. When I saw Mim, I thought she was sooooooooo cute because she was sooooooooo tiny. I like what the angel said to the shepherds: “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.” I like what the angel said because it made me happy but not as much as Mim. I think the shepherds listened. I like that.

I think the most important thing in the text was what the angel said. What the angel said is good because the angel told them everything and was specific. The words are important. I like verses 13-14.  The verses mean to me that the birth of Jesus really happened. The angels really happened. The shepherds were frightened at first and then happy. That was kind of how I felt when Mim was born, except Mommy told me the news, not angels from the sky.

The story is about Jesus. He is God’s son. I enjoyed reading the verses. Merry Christmas!!!

Eleanor Guinn

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