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Note from Pastor Jason July Monthly



Whatever Happened With That Baptism Study?

In the parable of the Growing Seed (Mark 4:26-29) Jesus speaks of God’s Kingdom as something that is growing all around us, though we know not how. Sometimes the slow nature of this growth may even cause us to wonder if anything is happening at all. This analogy of slow, ongoing, intentional growth is one that can carry to many areas of our lives, and church is certainly one of those.

One area in our church life where we have been slow, methodical and intentional is in our study of baptism. Last year our Deacons led our entire church in a study of Baptism with three key questions in mind:

What is the relationship between baptism and Christian faith? (personal and public)
What does Second Baptist Church believe about baptism and why?
What is the relationship between baptism and church membership?

The process of exploring these questions involved surveying the congregation, a special lunch where guest speaker Mark Wingfield introduced our study, a multi-week Bible study of baptism led by New Testament scholar Dr. David May, a multi-week baptism book study led by Pastor Sherry McGlaughlin, the sharing of baptism stories across the congregation by many 2BC members, multiple reflections sessions where church members were invited to ask questions, and a final assessment of the process by the Deacon body. Before this all-church process, the Deacons engaged in a retreat where Mark Wingfield led them in a study of baptism. They followed that retreat with a year of intentional study before bringing it to the congregation. This has been going on for quite some time. The process has been slow, deliberate, methodical, thorough and I bet some of you have wondered what, if anything, was going to come from all of this.

We’re about to find out.

In response to our study, the Deacon Baptism Task Force drafted a summary of their work, their findings, and their recommendations. They presented this report with recommendations to the Deacon body who unanimously voted to adopt them. The Deacons then presented the report with recommendations to the Church Council who unanimously voted to adopt them. Now the Deacons are ready to bring their report and recommendations to all of us. This will happen first by that report being made available to you in July via online and paper mediums. Please review this report. Then the Deacons will bring this report with recommendations to our next Church Conference after our 11:00 service on July 30th.

They have done good, thorough work. They have solicited good, thorough feedback. My hope and prayer is that this work will now result in our congregation continuing to grow in our ability to help people belong, believe and become in Christ.

With love and appreciation,



Senior Pastor


Posted by Jason Edwards at 12:05 PM
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