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Nunc Dimittis--Now You Depart

An Advent Devotion
The Canticles of Christmas
First Sunday After Christmas: Nunc Dimittis

Sunday, December 31

Luke 2:25-32

Nunc Dimittis—Now You Depart

The promised Messiah has been delivered! We’ve now moved through the season of great anticipation. We’ve waited patiently and impatiently in expectation of that which had for so long been promised! We’ve rejoiced together at the arrival of Christ; felt the warmth and satisfaction of the promise fulfilled!

[Our] eyes have seen thy salvation

Now Lord, let thy servant depart in peace

We receive this gift of redemption and deliverance with the peace that comes from fully experiencing all the wonder and beauty that the Advent season has to offer.

Yet as we depart in peace, we prayerfully ask the Redeemer to give us a mindfulness; one that, having seen thy salvation, we also do our part to be a light to lighten others as His light has been shown to us.

Luke Campbell

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