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Remembering Strengtheing Our Serve


Nearly a month has passed since Second’s First Annual “Strengthening Our Serve” Day. So many good things happened that day:

  • There were 225 Participants
  • A great Gathering Worship Time, complete with excellent bluegrass music
  • There were projects for every age and ability level
  • Efforts were local and Global – Liberty, Haiti, and Africa all benefitted from our service
  • An amazing picnic followed, complete with more music and relay races
  • Plans are in place to do this again sometime next May to celebrate 175 years!

There were many great stories from the day - I hope you are sharing them with one another. One that warmed my heart, in particular, was from the Huffman family.  Jenn shared that while out at Martha Lafitte, with hands working in the soil, James Huffman looked up and said in the most honest of moments: "Man, I love my church."    I love my church too, and I loved that day in particular.

I am a “doer” by nature, and so being a part of a day of service for our church was a natural extension of how I worship the Lord. Our team had a great experience sprucing up a brand new park in Liberty at the end of Jewell Street called Arthur’s Hill Park. As we worked, neighborhood kids, dropped their bikes and helped us pull weeds and spread mulch.  Teddy Roosevelt once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” If Second Baptist is going to continue to be relevant in these days, in our world, we must strive to find practical ways to demonstrate Christ’s love and show our neighbors how much we care.


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