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SEND Initiative "Book and a Buck" Report by Karen Rogers

This summer, over 2,000 pounds of your books and $800 of your bucks made their way over the Appalachian Range and into the lush forests of North Carolina.











On the southern border of North Carolina sits one of two SBC Baptist Mission Camps. The Shelby Mission Camp serves the western part of the state; it is basecamp for the North Carolina Baptist Men and the book depository for the Fellowship of Baptist Educators’ “Books on Mission” project.







On the first morning, the Shelby staff and four college students (assigned by SBC’s Deep Impact program) gathered for breakfast at a Shelby café with Suzie and Karen. Anyone recognize this mysterious black North Carolinian breakfast staple?





It’s livermush. “Livermush is a Southern United States food product composed of pig liver, head parts, and cornmeal. It is commonly spiced with pepper and sage. Though sometimes considered the same as liver pudding, livermush is coarser in texture and often found in the western part of North Carolina.”  Karen and Suzie tasted it but it’s unlikely either will be ordering it anytime soon.

In the mission camp warehouse, the college students helped set up pallets, unload 2BC’s books and begin sorting the books which had been donated from other churches.











Aren’t (left to right) Leah, Anna, Holden and Drew cute? After the first morning, they had to move on to work on other projects, but they were a terrific help.








We sorted thousands of books.







During their brief visit to Shelby, Suzie and Karen sorted, boxed, labeled, and stacked about 200 boxes of books which will eventually make their way to a developing seminary abroad. When almost enough books have been donated to fill a shipping container, The Fellowship of Baptist Educators will finalize plans to get the books to their new home.







It costs about 40 cents per pound to get the books across the ocean on a container ship, so the Fellowship of Baptist Educators was thrilled to receive 2BC’s donation of $800 to cover shipping costs for a ton of books.

(Left to right: Karen Rogers (2BC), Janet Brown (camp administrative staff), Kay Grigg (Fellowship of Baptist Educators volunteer), Suzie Goertz (2BC)).







It was a worthwhile and rewarding service project. Kay Grigg said she had never seen the books so thoroughly packed and she appreciated the help. Throughout their stay, Karen and Suzie were surrounded by grateful faces, helping hands, optimistic spirits and charming North Carolinian accents. Thank you, Second Baptist Church, for making this Christian partnership opportunity become a reality.

To learn more about The Fellowship of Baptist Educators and their projects, visit this link from 2016.

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