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Send Initiative Mission Trips


  • Sending people to people, not people to places.
  • Experiencing missions as a pilgrim, not a tourist.
  • Valuing people, valuing their story.
  • Making space for God's transforming presence.
  • Transformation for yourself, those you meet, and the Second Baptist faith community.

Gwen Phillips recently shared a story about Milan, a child she befriended on a SEND trip to Slovakia. Gwen had taught the school children to sing "Hello, Hello, What is Your Name?" in English. She said you would hear kids singing it all over as the team walked the streets of the village. On one walk, Milan came running up behind Ms. Gwen, slipped his hand into hers and began singing, in the only English he knew, the short ditty. He quickly pointed at himself and Gwen, with tears streaming down her face, sang his name back to him.

So far this summer we have commissioned three teams for the SEND Initiative 2017. One group, the group with which Gwen traveled, has just returned from working with the Roma in Slovakia. Drew Kingery wrote an excellent blog about this experience which was posted here on June 5. Another is just returned from Thailand. Angie Fuller's blogs will not only pull at your heart but will cause you to pause and worship. The third team is, Joe Buhling, who is serving at the Kodiak Baptist Mission. His mother, Marilyn will soon join him. This week we commissioned our first team of the summer that will work with the Lakota people on the reservation located in South Dakota. Bridger, SD is one of the poorest counties in our nation and Second has had an ongoing partnership with CBF and residents in Bridger. Mike Lassiter is already there working with the local leadership, and CBF Field Personnel on long range planning as personnel will be transitioning to new positions soon. Our High School SEND team will leave Sunday, June 18 at 6:00 a.m. They too will be blogging. The Internet on the reservation is spotty, so the blogs may be less frequent than we sometimes receive.

If you are interested in learning about what is happening around the world through 2BC mission efforts, follow our blog or our Facebook page. It's exciting to read about what our 2BC family is experiencing around the world.


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