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Slovakia Mission Trip by Drew Kingery

Evening Devotion from Vazec, Slovakia

by Drew Kingery

Harold (Phillips) asked me to do the devotional while in Vienna.  He said to do it on what we experienced or what we saw.  Not exactly an easy thing to do.  I have picked four Bible stories to go with four things that we have experienced thus far this week.  I am not sure if the Bible stories fit perfectly, but we shall see.

Mathew 19: 13-15

Adam, Katy, Natalia, Nicholas, Robo, Martin, Samo, Andrea, Kafka, Nicholas, Paulo, Alexandrea, Alena, Robo, Davie. 

Each morning we go to the school, and each morning we are greeted with smiling faces and unsure looks.  But each morning a barrier is broken, and we share thoughts and smiles with kids that we don't know well but know better after each session.  They see us in the hall and greet us with "Hello!!"  They are the future of their world. 





Mathew 25:  31-40

Janko, Linka, Milan, Samson, Koloman, Youshko, Rosa Lea, Lupka, Deanna.

These children are at the bottom of the social ladder.  Their housing is substandard.  They are looked down upon.  They are deprived of basic human needs.  We see them at the school and the Samuel Center.  They have never ending smiles and energy.  They are in constant motion.  They seem to want to learn everything and can't wait their turn to be next in line.  They cheered each other on during the sack race.  They do everything in a big hurry. 




Acts 2

Johnny(Walker), Janko, Martin, Daniel, Maia, Ellen, Alaina, Anna, Danka, Kavitka

We went to the Lutheran church on Monday night and met with Daniel and some men from the surrounding villages.  Harold presented a different aspect to the story of David and Goliath.  Shane was the interpreter.  We went around the table introducing ourselves and telling a bit about each of us.  Even though we spoke different languages, we were together in spirit and worship.  This evening we meet with the "AARP" group at the community center.  Here we took turns singing songs in our own languages, and enjoying Harold's accordion playing, laughing and joking with one another.  Once again we were speaking different languages, but we were together with spirit.














Luke 10: 31

Danka and Ava

Yesterday a Roma family came to the Samuel center.  The man had an injured hand.  It was bleeding pretty bad.  It did not matter to Ava or Danka that he was Roma or not.  They treated his injury, and they went on their way.  To the best of my knowledge with no questions asked or payment given.

This is our first visit here.  We didn't know what to expect.  We have found it very fulfilling, enjoyable and a blessing.  As some people say sometimes we get more out of an experience than the ones we are helping.  We may not know our full impact, but we have been given the grace to be a part of God's work.

Ovidiu Herghelegiu, Harold A. Phillips, Gwen House Phillips, Becky Aladeen Gossett, Suzie Goertz, Laura Myers Schultz, Dianne White McNary, Carol Skipworth Kingery, Drew Kingery, Denis Blidariu and Bill Gossett at Letisko Košice - Airport Košice.



Pictures are from the Field Personnel (Shane and Dianne McNary), Drew, Suzie Goertz and Becky Becky Aladeen Gossett.

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