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Student Innermission

“What is Innermission? What do you all do up there on Sunday nights?” These questions (along with, “Why is it so loud?”) are some of the questions I am asked most often by curious folks who wonder why we set aside this time for students and what the purpose is. The best way to understand what Innermission is and why we do it is to experience it for yourself. But that answer isn’t very blog-worthy, so I will try my best to use words to paint a better picture for you.

Imagine you are a student today. It’s a time of transition for you. You’re not a child anymore. You’re figuring out the person you want to be, honing the characteristics and identity traits you feel comfortable with claiming. At the same time, there is also a great deal of pressure on you to live up to external expectations. These come with the best intentions but place a level of stress and anxiety on everything you do. Even church feels different. You might’ve grown up in the church, but you’re a different person now and no one really understands that. It doesn’t feel like a place where you can be yourself.

Innermission is that chance, that place, where students can come and be themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. During our time together we try to help each other feel good about who we are in God’s eyes and use that positive spirit to continue growing into the people God wants us to be. Everything we do, the food we eat together, the games we play, the way we worship, the discussions we have, is focused on creating disciples who can share in God’s love and joy because we’ve experienced it in others. During Innermission we encourage everyone to put judgments and divisions aside and connect deeply with other people, people who may be different but whom we can learn from. Our students and adult leaders go out of their way to try to help everyone feel comfortable and that they belong.

The purpose of Innermission is to create a time and space where students can experience the fullness of life that God offers by connecting with a community that cares about who they are at each point along their journey and helps them discover the best versions of themselves

Posted by Charles Smith at 3:00 PM
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