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Thailand June Trip June 4

Thailand Update - June 4, 2017

On a day when we Christians celebrate the presence of the Spirit and the spread of the gospel in multiple languages, we were blessed to experience worship in three languages! When we arrived at the small church in a Palaung village, the room was filled with 50 energetic children ages 3 to 17. We were asked to lead them in songs and games for an hour. All we had with us was a mini beach ball. (Admittedly we felt a little like the disciple Andrew wondering how far 5 loaves and 2 fishes would go!) But we were able to fill most of the hour with relays, Duck Duck Goose, volleyball, and a few songs. The children's smiles and laughter were certainly infectious!

As we sat down to rest (!) the children left and adults began trickling in for worship - settling on the floor with men and women on opposite sides of the room. Their voices joined in strong unison, though, as they sang many songs of praise. We even heard a few familiar hymn melodies - yet another picture of the message of Christ's love sung in thousands of tongues.

The pastor preached in Thai, a church leader translated to Palaung, and Tui softly translated to English for our small group sitting around him. We felt very welcomed all morning and were overwhelmed by the colorful and delicious meal the pastor's wife had prepared for us afterward. The collaboration between UHDP and this pastor and his wife in finding practical ways to meet the needs of the people in this village has transformed it into a much healthier community over the last two decades.

This afternoon we walked through a beautiful Buddhist wat (temple). The imagery was amazing, but we walked through it with a nagging thought of the 99% of Thai people who don't know Christ. UHDP has been an instrumental force in raising that percentage to 30-40% among the small hill tribe communities. But this is certainly a nation of people loved deeply by a God most of them don't yet know.



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