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Thailand June Trip June 9

Jason Edwards & UHDP Director Tui from 2015 visit to Liberty.

"In my heart is Christian organizations working together - not competing or fighting - to be the salt and light [of the world]."  These words were spoken this morning by UHDP's director, Tui, perhaps best summarize his passion and the purpose of UHDP.  Last Saturday he explained an overview of what UHDP does, but today we asked him to share the vision that UHDP leaders have for the next 15 years.  In their view, Southeast Asia has no borders. This region shares tribes, mountains, water resources, poverty, and human rights issues.  So it makes no sense to allow political borders to limit the sharing of ideas and resources that can help people.




UHDP has only 13 staff members, but through networking with 14 other organizations, their influence already reaches beyond northern Thailand to Myanmar, Laos, Southern China, and Cambodia.  As Tui said, "We can't be experts in everything (such as human trafficking), so we must work together."

UHDP's 12 core values include being future-oriented, transparent, growth-minded, and participatory.  While evangelistic words are not used, Tui said that "if people see these [values] in us, they will see Jesus even if we don't speak about Jesus."  And the staff perpetually immerse themselves in prayer, God's Word, and encouraging fellowship with each other.  It seems they are indeed following Christ's example.

"We are small, but God has made roads for us," Tui remarked. Those roads are stretching further every day through UHDP's trust in God's direction and timing. Imagine the impact UHDP will have in this part of the world over the next 15 years!

After Tui had finished speaking with us, the UHDP staff invited us to help them finish preparing a celebratory lunch using foods grown here, such as catfish, duck, and vegetables. Before we ate they sang praise songs for us, invited us to play a group game with them, showed us a slide show of photos from this week, and presented us with many gifts. We all shared words of thanks and then joined hands to pray aloud simultaneously in our own languages. These are such special people!  It was hard to say goodbye.









We five women from 2BC and WJC have grown to care deeply for UHDP and the women there. We will find different ways to support them and their work in the months to come, but in the meantime, we will lift them in prayer for the ways they are meeting critical needs and transforming lives. We invite you to join us!


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