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Thailand Update Five

Thailand Update 5
by Jeff Buscher

Instead of a Blog from Blane today - I am just going to send pictures with captions. We started Sunday worshiping in the mountaintop Village of "Huay Ngoo Palaung"






Picture 2

Jason shared a message with the congregation of about 25, and it went through 2 interpreters to get to the Red Paluang language.







Picture 3

The local Pastor who speaks Karin and Paluang delivered the message to the residents.







Picture 4

Following the service we shared some Tasty Thai food in the “fellowship Hall.”







Myanmar Border

Following lunch we traveled to the nearby border of Thailand and Myanmar. This mountaintop setting is a location
where hundreds of immigrants pass from Myanmar to Thailand. There is a military outpost, here but folks continue
to make the challenging journey to reunite with family or to escape difficulties in Myanmar.





Red Paluang

These are Red Paluang women in the church we attended. There are two groups of Paluang people in Thailand, the Red and the Black, and their names are derived from the colors of their traditional clothing.