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Thailand Update Three

Today we began the first of our collaborative projects with Tui and the UHDP staff. Our goals for this initial project were to build an outdoor aquaponics system and to demonstrate its basic operation. From there, we know that community members will readily improve upon the basic design and incorporate local and available materials. In addition, they will prepare to train farmers who come to visit UHDP.

We started the process by introducing aquaponics systems and how they operate. Afterwards some members of our team described the construction process and how to begin. UHDP staff quickly volunteered to drill holes, cut PVC pipe, and put PVC fittings together. They asked many questions and enthusiastically engaged in the process as we worked side by side. Several also made suggestions to make the work easier.

Due to some problems with the pump brought from the US, some of our team went to purchase a 220 V pump. Meanwhile, UHDP staff described how they plan to use the aquaponics system and what experiments they would like to do. Once the new pump was in place, water flowed as designed. The final part of the set-up involved putting plants into the system. It was wonderful to see even the youngest kids participate in the planting. Our entire team agreed that the collaborative, creative, and delightful spirits of our fellow workers made for an invigorating and very successful day. We thank God for the spirit of collaboration displayed today.

Pictures of the Aquaponics Project















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