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Thailand Update Two


by Blane Baker

After breakfast, Tui gave us an awe-inspiring presentation of UHDP. He talked about mission, philosophy, organizational structure, and various exciting initiatives. One of the newest initiatives is their work in the Chin State of northern Myanmar. Tui and his family recently traveled over 6 days to reach this isolated region in order to do a study of water resources there. As a result of their team's work, a watershed map was constructed and locals were taught how to more effectively store and manage water in their communities.

Other ongoing projects at UHDP include teaching farmers sustainable techniques for growing indigenous plants and raising pigs, chickens, and ducks. UHDP also supports plant biodiversity through the ECHO seed bank onsite. The work here is truly amazing and inspiring! Tui is an extraordinarily passionate leader who is listening to God's call and dream for how UHDP can provide vision, leadership, and training for farmers and pastors throughout SE Asia.

In the afternoon we traveled to various shops and stores near the city of Fang to purchase supplies for an aquaponics project that we are doing in collaboration with UHDP. This system will serve as a model for farmers coming to UHDP to receive training in innovative and accessible techniques for use in their home villages. We found humor in having to make several stops at the various "mom and pop" shops to find everything on our list. We enjoyed looking at the unique items in each store and interacting with the merchants. We managed to find all our parts, including some locally-made machetes. On our trip back to UHDP we marveled at the natural beauty of the rice paddies as the sun set among the hills surrounding the paddies.

The team doing their daily devotions, using our entire body…

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