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The Changing Faces of Lent by Becky Gossett

There is no season I appreciate  more than the Lenten Season.  I am grateful for the sensitive planning of our Second Baptist leadership each year.

As a child in a Baptist church, we didn’t celebrate Lent, and I was confused by the experiences of my Catholic friends during this time of year.  (What? Ashes? Fish? You gave up WHAT?)  Over the last several years, I’ve embraced all I’ve learned about Lent and the ways we participate at 2BC. I’ve grown in my understanding of many important pieces of the “Easter Story” and allowed myself to feel the excitement, sadness, joy, and deep love embedded within it.

For several years, I “gave up” certain foods during Lent. This may seem like a small thing, but for me, it was a big thing. When I  passed up these foods,  I was reminded of a much bigger sacrifice that was made for me.  I moved on from that at some point over the years and instead I began adding rather than giving up something.  One thing I added was an early morning study/devotional time. I began other routines that not only reminded me of the bigger sacrifice but also of the love and joy of the season.  

A few years ago, Evensong became an important way I participate with others to deepen my commitment to growth during Lent.  Quiet, reflective, informative… all of these words describe Evensong for me.

Holy Week might be my favorite week of the year.  Walking through each critical event of the week-- some with enthusiasm and some with tears-- allows me to have the right celebratory mindset for Easter morning.

Lent is very personal for me, and for different reasons each year.  Always, the season brings me to a new, fresh place in my faith.
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