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The Kerygma

On Sunday, Pastor Jason asked us to recall a time when we noticed the power and presence of God in our lives. In VBS we call that a "God Sighting." In Acts, moments like this are a part of the pattern of "Kerygma." Kerygma is the Greek word for proclamation or preaching.

God Sightings--or kerygmatic moments--have three common elements. There is an event, that creates an effect, that generates an audience. That event then needs an explanation and the explanation demands a response. Jason shared one of these moments from his own life and challenged us to look for them in our lives.

If you'd like to listen again, or if you were unable to attend visit our website to download a video of the service. The sermon starts at the 36-minute mark.

You may have noticed an American Sign Language interpreter in our worship service recently. The family of one of the students in our student ministry has this need. The family contacted us and indicated that their student was enjoying being a part of the 2BC family and that if this opportunity could be provided, their family would be interested in attending here as well. So far, we have been able to make this ministry a part of our worship. If you would like to know more about this, or if you know someone who has this need that might be interested in 2BC developing a ministry for the deaf, contact Charles Smith and let him know of your interest. This could very well be one of those moments when God is acting and we can join along with Him.