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Time to Tune by Heather Lewis

An Advent Devotion
The Canticles of Christmas
Week Three: the Benedictus

Monday, December 18

Psalm 125

“whose hearts are in tune with you.” Psalm 125: 4b

My senior year of high school I was one of three drum majors for our marching band. As drum majors, one of our jobs was to make sure the band was in tune before we marched onto the field for our performance. Each of us had a tuner—a small black box with a white screen and a needle that moved from side to side. We made our way down lines of the nearly 300 band members, stopping in front of each person to place the tuner in front of them. They would play a note and the needle would swing back and forth, stopping in the middle if they were in tune. If it stopped to the right or left of center, it meant they were sharp or flat.

They needed to make an adjustment so they could be in tune.

As I read Psalm 125, the phrase that stuck out to me was, “O Lord, do good to those who are good, whose hearts are in tune with you.” I love the idea of my heart being in tune with God. Many days it is not. On Dec. 18, I will be up to my ears getting ready for Henry’s birthday (Dec. 21) and finishing preparations for Christmas.

An adjustment will be needed for my heart to be in tune with God.

The most effective way I know to do this is a simple prayer from author Brennan Manning: “Father, I belong to you.” During a chapel service in college, he taught us to breathe in as we said the word “Father” and breathe out during the words “I belong to you.” Five simple words that bring my heart back to center every time– in tune and ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

by Heather Lewis

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