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Update from India : Tuesday, April 22

We worked hard to stay awake all day yesterday and thus slept 10 hours last night hoping to defeat jetlag in one fell swoop.  I think we are on top of it.  Last night we spoke at one of three hostels owned by the CBCNEI (Council of Baptist Churches in North East India) and provided for rural students working on graduate degrees.  There were about 20 men present with several studying in medicine, business (called commerce here) and several in engineering.  The Baptists thus provide housing for these students who study at the University of Guwahati and other area universities.  It is a wonderful model for Christian higher education.  In essensce the housing unit becomes a fraternity (or sorority) for national Baptists who can get into graduate school. 

This morning we toured a large Hindu temple and got to experience first hand what we have read about for years.  There we long lines (longer than Worlds of Fun) of devotees qued up to make sacrifices.  Lots of goats and doves.  Lots of families and monks and old people spending their last days in the temple.  Then we visited the Assam Museum of History to note the change of culture and language in the area next to the Bramhaputra River over the past 1000 years.  It was very good and Steve has pictures to document it all. 

Tonight we visit one of the six hospitals operated by the CBCNEI where we will speak to students in a nursing school.  If we can get to a computer tomorrow we will give you a quick report.  Healthcare was a major emphasis of the early Baptist and Presbyterian missionaries who began work here 175 years ago and reminds crucial today.  Thanks again for your prayers, interest and support while we represent Second Baptist Church. 

Jerry and Steve

Posted by Kelsey Adams at 11:00 AM
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