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Update from Thailand :: June 12

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Over the past day or so, we have been observing the sites and culture of Thailand. As Ed noted, the Thai people are wonderfully hospitable and helpful. Their generosity and graciousness have made us feel welcome. In our group discussion last night, we realized how we need to be more mindful of hospitality in our own lives.

An interesting part of life here is the prevalence of motorcycles for transportation. On city streets, motorcyclists dart from one lane to another without warning. Luke in our group compared them to daredevils. Drivers in general follow other vehicles very closely and pass on divided roads with oncoming traffic quickly approaching. As Jason remarked, we are not in control of these situations. We need to trust God even in the midst of riding in vehicles separated by mere inches, seeing motorcycles dart in front of us, and experiencing "close calls" during passing maneuvers.

Today we worked alongside a Palaung hill group in a nearby village. The Palaung are gracious, humble, and extremely industrious. We enjoyed being with them in spite of the language barrier. Our 2BC team helped with construction of a roof for a water treatment system in their village.

Before dinner tonight, we got a tour of UHDP. This facility serves as an agricultural training ground for local farmers and many others. Training topics include generation of compost from hog and plant wastes, production of biogas from manure, and new ways to raise frogs for food. UHDP itself was started on land that was once barren. Today, through implementation of sustainable agriculture, the site is lush and thriving. Eighty percent of the plants within the "agroforest" here are edible. UHDP is a wonderful example of how the Earth can be restored to productivity.

As we continue our journey, please pray that we will rest well and have endurance.


Posted by Kelsey Adams at 8:42 AM
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