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Update from Thailand :: June 9–10

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During June 9-10 we traveled some 18 hours from KC to Bangkok. We saw amazing views of glaciers and mountains when flying over parts of Alaska. We also experienced one interesting security check in Narita (Japan). One of us had a pair of small, blunt-nosed sewing scissors, packed in carry-on luggage, for emergency clothing repairs. When these were discovered, the inspectors went to great lengths to determine if the scissors were legal. After several meticulous measurements, we were allowed to keep the scissors and continue on our journey! The inside humor here is that Tracy brought the scissors and sewing kit at Jason's request. We arrived in Bangkok around 11:30 PM local time. We were exhausted but very thankful for safe travel. We felt the many prayers for us along the way.


Posted by Kelsey Adams at 8:37 AM
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