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Where in the world is our Pastor? -A note from Jason Edwards

Where in the world is our Pastor?
A note from Jason Edwards

Summer is often a meaningful time for service, rest, and memory making. As summer quickly approaches, I know many of you are anticipating warmer weather, grilling out, summer vacations, mission trips, and the joy that sometimes comes from shifting our seasonal gears. 

Like you, I am also excited about a variety of upcoming events and trips that summer’s arrival will bring. For me, this summer is an especially interesting one because of the amount of time I will spend away from Liberty. I usually don’t map out these plans in a church letter, but I have a hunch that someone at some point this summer may just wonder “where in the world is our Pastor?” With that in mind, here are the high-point events I am anticipating in the months ahead:

June 6–8: Our All Church Retreat. I’ll be here for this, and I’m so excited that Diana Butler Bass will be here too. We’re fortunate to have such a gifted and well-respected Christian leader in our midst, leading us both in our Friday and Saturday retreat, as well as in worship on Sunday morning. Yes, DBB is preaching that day (for Pentecost Sunday!), and our Thailand Mission Team is being commissioned at the end of worship.

June 9–21: Speaking of Thailand, I am leading a mission team to Thailand on Monday, June 9. A group of 10 will travel with me to work with the Upland Holistic Development Project. This is where Christy and I lived and worked in Thailand. We’ll build a roof for a water system, work on projects at the UHDP center, spend time in a refugee village or two, and likely be transformed by the Spirit’s work through our time in another culture together. Please do keep up with our group on the 2BC blog while we’re away. You’ll note that our trip covers one Sunday. Heather Entreken will preach on June 15 (a real treat!) and after returning to KCMO at 11 p.m. on June 21, I will preach on Sunday, June 22. 

June 25–29: Just a few days after returning from Thailand, Christy and I will travel to Georgia for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s (CBF) General Assembly (GA). This will be a great time for us to contribute to and connect with our largest mission partner. Additionally, I serve on the National Nominating Committee for CBF, and Christy will begin service this year on CBF’s Mission Council. Our committee and council meetings are after GA and will therefore have us in Georgia until Sunday morning. While we’re flying home, Susan Miller and the 2BC Drama team will be bringing the message to you in worship that day. (They’re all so gifted – another treat!)

July 7–13: Family Vacation. Our church policy says that up to 5 unused vacation days from one year can be carried ninety days into the following year. Our vacation time resets on the anniversary of our hire date. Ninety days after my hire date is around July 13. See where I’m going with this? When given the option of using or not using all of my vacation days, the powers that be (i.e., my family) thought a family vacation was a good option. I agree, and am looking forward to time this week with Christy, Jackson, Luke, and Norah. 

August 3–6: Selah Vie. After worshipping with you on Sunday morning, I’ll be flying to Georgia to be the retreat speaker at the CBF College and young adult retreat. Should be a fun week with CBF summer missionaries, ministry interns, and other young adults.

August 14–17: To Houston, Texas to officiate my little sister’s wedding. Jackson will have his first day of Kindergarten on Wednesday August 13, and then we’ll drive down on Thursday, rehearse on Friday, wedding on Saturday evening, and return on Sunday. This is promotion Sunday at 2BC, and I hate to miss it! Can you believe Lauren didn’t consult Jackson’s school calendar or our church calendar when she chose her wedding date? Me either. Still, I think you’ll enjoy a great fall kickoff that day with Tyler Tankersley in the pulpit.

August 22–23: On this Friday and Saturday I will fly to Dallas to serve as one of the speakers and celebrants at a roast of George Mason, my mentor pastor, on his 25th anniversary as Wilshire’s pastor. It’s a pretty big shindig. You won’t even know I’m gone.

Well, there it is, my summer schedule. Interesting? Exhausting? Exciting? Yes, yes, and yes.

So in the days ahead, days together and days apart, will you commit to pray for me as I pray for you?

Keeping in Touch,


Posted by Kelsey Adams at 7:00 AM
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