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Seven Conversations by Ed Chasteen

I’m bringing folks from five churches to Table of Faiths on Tuesday, April 21, as the first step in a larger purpose I have. I want to pair up folks of different faiths to have seven conversations over a seven week period using the seven sets of questions I will provide. Then each person will write the biography of the other from what they have learned. When all is done, we will hold a Human Family Reunion and each person will be inducted into The Order of World Class Persons.


An Invitation to Seven Conversations

from Ed Chasteen, PhD

The Pedalin’ Prof from William Jewell College

and Ambassador from Second Baptist Church to Other Communities of Faith

Text and Talk

Our focus is not on books and printed words but on individual persons and their spoken words. I ask only that you read one little book, just 144 pages. The book is called How To Like People Who Are Not Like You. A reviewer called this book “profoundly simple and simply profound, a formula for building human beings.” I wrote the book. Each of you who signs up for these seven conversations will get a free online copy.

Our moving closer to World Class Person is built around the seven conversations we will have with the person we are getting to know, using the seven sets of questions listed below. After each conversation, you will email to your person and to me the words you have written describing the words your person spoke to you. At the end of week #7 you will email to your person their biography as they have told it to you. You will ask for their approval. When you have it, you will email the completed biography to me.

When our spoken journey ends after seven weeks, we will gather at William Jewell College for a Human Family Reunion. We will all meet each other and each of us will be recognized as a World Class Person.

Signing up for these Conversations

To participate in these seven conversations, send an email to me at In no more than 150 words, tell me why you want to take part, what you hope to learn and the difference you think it might make in your life. Everyone who wants to listen will be accepted. Those who hold the seven conversations and proceed as described below will achieve the distinction of World Class Person and will be inducted into the Order of World Class Persons at our Human Family Reunion to be held at the Community Center in our town called Liberty.

Learn more at Ed Chasteen's blog :

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Come to the Table of Faiths by Ed Chasteen

Table of Faiths

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sheraton Crown Center

Kansas City, MO

6-9 PM.


One Family One World One Future


This year on Tuesday, April 21, Table of Faiths meets at the Sheraton Crown Center Hotel from 6 to 9 p.m. Tickets are $35. This event is sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council, giving us all the rare opportunity to meet folks from every faith community found right here in our neighborhood.

As President of HateBusters and as Ambassador from Second Baptist Church to Other Communities of Faith, I have bought two tables, each seating 10. The first 20 folks from 2BC to email me ( and sign up will sit at these two tables. I'm also hoping that a couple of others from 2BC might be led to buy a table for 10 and invite some folks to join them. (Those who buy a table for 10 get a 10% discount off the $350.00 cost.) I'm also hoping that individual 2BCers might buy a ticket for $35. My dream for Table of Faiths is that many of us from 2BC will find a friend of another faith, thereby enriching our mutual public lives and our individual spiritual selves. My dream is that 50 members and friends of 2BC will be present at Table of Faiths. Together we can make this happen.


The theme for this year's Table of Faiths is One Family, One World, One Future. For those of us who attend from Second Baptist Church, I would add: One New Friend. During the 180 minutes we are together with folks from the many faith communities who are our neighbors, we will meet dozens of people. We will learn a few facts about their faith. And that is good. The very best thing, though, would be to find a friend, someone with whom during the evening we arrange a follow-up conversation by phone, email, text or maybe a meal together at some convenient place. If at Table of Faiths we exchange email addresses and/or phone numbers with one person of another faith and make a plan to get in touch, I will be happy and think of our time together as a great success.

To illustrate what I have in mind, each day on my blog I will write about folks from many of the faith communities I have met. To read about the friends I have found in our neighboring faith communities, go to

And I would be overjoyed if one day you would email me to tell me about your new friend!

Ed Chasteen, Ambassador

from Second Baptist Church

to Other Communities of Faith


For more information:

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Live Out Loud by Connie McNeill

Science fiction is a very entertaining genre to me. Super heroes, space ships, aliens, things that crawl up out of ground, rise out of the sea, languages not spoken on earth. One reason I like it is because heroes and heroines always emerge in science fiction. Someone has to save humanity!

So, I have a science fiction book/movie plot to share with you. Here’s the premise, something happens to earth and all humans have the ability to think about someone and that person takes on the feelings and beliefs that the other person has about him/her. For example, Harry believes that Juan is very confident and self-reliant so Juan becomes confident and self-reliant. Sarah believes that Jamie is conceited so Jamie becomes conceited. In truth, none of these people are the way it is believed they are until someone decides something about them and they become what is believed.

What happens when Sarah thinks Jamie is conceited but in the next moment Jennie thinks that Jamie is the kindest person she has ever known? What happens if both Sarah and Jennie think that Jamie is extremely insecure? Will poor Jamie suffer from a double dose of insecurity?

The details to make the plot consistent aren’t worked out but it’s an interesting idea don’t you think? Who would you think about and what would you think? Would you seek some kind of revenge on someone? Would you build someone up who needs to realize his or her real value? How would you use your “power?”

Here’s a strange scenario. What if you exercised your power in a consistent way that began to be recognized by others? Would it cause people to fear you? If so, their thoughts would make you a monster. If they admired you, their thoughts would make you a saint? Which would really be you?

Is this part of what God is up to in our lives? Wishing for us? Showing us? Giving us opportunity after opportunity? Oh, that God could “think” us into what God desires for us to be. Or really, oh that I would choose to be all that God already desires for me to be. It’s a little different than my movie/book plot because with God there is a desire for each of us but because God desires it, doesn’t mean it has to happen. God gives us freedom of choice. We can become God’s own but only if and every time we choose to be.

 I do find that the more I choose to be God’s own, my thoughts about others change. I wish for them better things. I do not wish them pain or for evil to come to them. I don’t change them by thinking differently about them but I change. I become better. I become more God’s own. Not perfected but more aware of how much I want to work toward God’s image for me.

If I get really ambitious and out of things to do, I might take a crack at the book/movie idea. In the meantime, I believe that secret thoughts don’t make us who we are. Living out loud makes us who we are. “Live long and prosper.”

Read more from Connie on her blog at

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