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Slovakia Prayer Guide :: August 1–4

Our 2BC Slovakia Team is preparing to wrap up their are a few prayer requests they have as they finish strong and begin to head home.
Thank you for your prayers!

Friday, August 1 – The week’s work ends with each family receiving a family photo --- the children have made photo frames as projects during the week, Shane has used a one-hour-photo shop to develop a photos of each family as a lasting gift.  Tonight we will end our time in Vazec with a cook-out at the home of Danka, a local leader of Jekh Drom, and a woman who has faced local ridicule for her work with Roma. Pray for Danka, her husband, and their teen-age son (who like American kids feels the sting of comments from his peers because of his mom’s compassionate leadership).


Saturday, August 2 – Today the group transitions to Krakow, Poland, where the focus moves to culture and history. In the afternoon, the group may opt to visit Schindler’s Factory, made famous in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film Schindler’s List (required viewing as preparation for the group). As you consider the news of this day, pray for those who are persecuted for no reason other than being who they are.               

Sunday, August 3 – Today the group visits Auschwitz and Birkenau where more than 1,100,000 men, women, and children lost their lives because of the Nazis. Many of these exterminated were Roma. The number of persons murdered is almost equal to the total populations of the City of Kansas City (467K); the City of St. Louis (318K); Clay County, Missouri (230K); and Madison County, IL (267K) combined. Pray for the group as they process the Auschwitz xperience.   (caption = “Work Sets You Free”)     

Monday, August 4 – The group returns home. Pray for safe travel. Pray each will have a broadened understanding of our complex world and the ever simple message of God’s love for all people. Pray for yourself as you continue your own journey of being the presence of Christ wherever you go and whomever you meet today and tomorrow.        

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Friday, August 1, 2014
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Update from Slovakia :: July 30

Just when I think this trip can't get any does! Due to rain, we toured a Vasjet outdoor museum that was outstanding! Beautiful antiques and historic buildings and interesting artifacts. We completed many of the backpacks today and will finish tomorrow. 

The highlight of the day, however, was gathering with the retirees from the village after our afternoon session. We ate homemade sweets and shared info about ourselves as well as souvenirs from our different cities. Then we got rowdy! Gwen led us in line dancing to "Boot Scoot Boogie" and many of the elder Slovak women joined in. They sang songs, and so did we. Then we sang songs both groups knew in our own languages. Harold then broke out an accordion he found in our meeting room and we all sang "You are My Sunshine" and "My, My Delilah"! It was a blast, and no one wanted the evening to come to an end. We're exhausted, yet energized. 

We miss our families terribly, yet have made many new friends. I keep pinching myself that I'm actually in a foreign country. I miss you all terribly, especially one little 1-year-old blondie, two pound puppies, and my very special hubby who didn't bat an eye when we talked about the possibility of me taking this trip. The Lord does provide in many, many ways! I'm wearing an old Schumacher shirt today that displays one of my favorite quotes, "Be the change you wish to see in the world," author unknown (CM that's for you!). I'll get to check an item off my bucket list if I can leave this world just a tiny bit better than when I entered! Amen! And good night!

-Roxann Brenton

Posted by Terri Soper at Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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A great VBS week at SonTreasure Island!

What a great week at Second Baptist Church as we opened the doors and set sail for SonTreasure Island.  The week started with a record number of kiddos enrolled (233!)  which didn’t last long as on the first day, with walk-in registrations we jumped to 253. Day two saw another 9 kiddos for a record of 260 kids enrolled this week. 

This year represents quite a breakthrough in our attendance.  Over 61 families this year are from the community, outside our congregation.  That means 47% of those attending VBS this year are from new families.  What a wonderful outreach success for 2BC.  The week was full of fun, and love and little people everywhere.  Our amazing volunteer team of over 125 adults cared for, sang to, and played all morning long as we shared the stories of God’s love with the children.  

Watch the LOOP over the next few weeks for a full summary of the event,  follow-up plans, and more photos from the week.

Posted by Terri Soper at Thursday, July 17, 2014
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