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Thank you for the new brass vases!

Two new brass flower vases were used for the first time in the worship services Sunday morning, June 22.  The brass vases were a gift to Second Baptist by an anonymous donor, and we want to express our thanks for their generosity.      

Thank you also to Christy and Kevin Weaver at the Polished Edge for graciously engraving “Second Baptist Church” on each vase.

 — Patsy Triplett

Posted by Terri Soper at Thursday, July 10, 2014
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Thank you from Ann Posey

WOW!  Smiles -  hugs  - music - notes - words - beautiful flowers - delicious food!  What a special time last Sunday was for our family as well as for me personally.  This was filled with deep meaning because for the last 49 years (we were members for about 14 years before I became organist!), you have modeled God’s love, forgiveness and caring for me and for our family.  We continue to be amazed and grateful for all the times you are God’s presence for us.        

In God’s Love, Ann Posey  

Posted by Terri Soper at Thursday, July 3, 2014
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Update from Thailand :: June 20

From June 20

Today part of our group flew from Chiang Mai to their beach destination in southern Thailand for family vacation. We said goodbye to them before their driver picked them up around 10 AM. The rest of us finished packing and did some last minute errands before our flight to Bangkok. The night before, Bryan had wanted to get a Thai massage. There were no openings available, so he made an appointment for this morning. When he returned from his massage, his quote was,  "Thai massage--OMG!" Apparently,  the rest of us need to get one, too.

Our driver picked us up about noon for our 2 PM flight to Bangkok. When we arrived at the ticket counter at the airport, Jason discovered that our names were not in the system. It turned out that our travel agent had booked us for that flight on the following day. The problem was quickly solved by booking us on today's flight with seats still available. Later, Jason told us that his greatest fear was that our agent had booked us on the Sunday Delta flight back to the US rather than the Saturday one. That would mean that Jason would not be available to preach on Sunday. Thankfully, we were booked on the right one.

After our arrival in Bangkok, we checked into our rooms and discussed our plans for the evening. We learned that some of the sights of interest in Bangkok had closed for the day or were closing soon, so we opted for massages and dinner. By all accounts the massages were amazing! We met for dinner at one of the hotel restaurants specializing in Japanese food. After some ice cream for dessert, we retired for the evening to prepare for a 6 AM local time flight from Bangkok to LA with a layover in Japan (Narita).


Posted by Terri Soper at Wednesday, July 2, 2014
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