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Thank you for the Worship Bag books!

Dear 2BC Family, 

On behalf of the children of 2BC I want to say a big thank you to all who purchased books during our worship bag book shower. Thanks to your generosity we were able to purchase 70 new books! Now our children will have lots of good bible stories to read while they worship with us on Sunday mornings. 

Thanks again for your generosity, 
Debbie Lane

Posted by Terri Soper at Thursday, September 4, 2014
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Meet Ashton

Ashton Wells is one of two new interims for Student Ministry at Second Baptist.  

Learn a little more about Ashton from her bio below...

Ashton started attending Second Baptist Church while she was a student up the hill at William Jewell College.  She was an active part of the college ministry and was a youth intern for Second Baptist during the summer of 2012. She graduated from William Jewell with a BA in Nonprofit Leadership, French, and Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry.

After being an intern, she couldn't leave the student ministry and decided to stay on as a volunteer. She is currently working on her Masters of Divinity at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in the Create program and is serving as co-interim of the student ministry.  She loves ice cream, coffee, and the Missouri Tigers.

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Update from the Obiejes in Nigeria

This is an email from the Obiejes with the latest developments in Nigeria.  He and Christiana were members of Second Baptist while he attended seminary in Kansas City.  He then worked for the Nigeria Baptist Convention when he returned.  Second Baptist has supported them in many ways and last year funded, through Catalyst, our 20th water well through Israel’s personal ministry.         

“We feel compelled to inform you of certain developments and plans concerning our safety in view of the escalating Boko haram Islamists danger in Nigeria.

Perhaps you would have learned last Wednesday of an assassination attempt on the life of a former military leader by the deadly Islamists, which would have thrown the whole country into a turmoil had it succeeded. Though he escaped, which was a big relief for all of us, hundreds of people died in that attack. The group vowed to continue to go after him, while stepping up its campaign of killings, which target key Christian pastors and political leaders among others.    

For our safety, one of the missionaries based in the neighboring Benin Republic has arranged for us to visit the country, and apply for a Canadian visa to visit Canada to avoid being caught up in the menace, at least in the meantime. Canada welcomes people who try to escape from Boko haram insurgency in Nigeria.   

The situation is even compounded with the recent arrest of 450 boko haram members in the south and the forth coming political elections in February next year, which the Islamists vowed to disrupt violently unless all the presidential candidates were Muslims. The worry here is that the government continues to show increasing incompetence in dealing with the situation, while the group is rapidly penetrating all parts of the country.    

Having been involved in mission work and church planting all over the country for several years, we fear for our lives as the terrorists continue to penetrate the south and have all the information of Christian leaders.  

 This is the situation now, and this new plan could happen in the next three weeks or so. We covet your prayers for our country and for us.”   

Israel, Christiana and George Obieje    

Posted by Terri Soper at Monday, August 11, 2014
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